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Partnership priorities and plans

Draft Strategy 2020-23 - under consultation until 21st February 2020.

We are currently consulting on the three year Strategy to cover the period 2020-23.  The draft strategy can be found here: draft Community Safety and Crime Reduction Strategy 2020-23

You are invited to take a look and offer feedback via the council's consultation portal.  The consultation is open until 21st February 2020.

Community Safety and Crime Reduction Strategy 2017-20

Every three years the Partnership resets its community safety and crime reduction priorities and plans are reviewed each year. The Community Safety and Crime Reduction Strategy 2017-20 was last updated in April 2019 and describes our plans.

Our current strategy priority areas are:

 Our Restorative City revised project action plan 2017-18:

Brighton & Hove is committed to meeting the needs of those harmed by crime and conflict, by ensuring safe, secure and effective restorative practices are embedded throughout the city.  Our Restorative City is a partnership project that aims to fulfil this pledge.  The project steering group adopted this revised action plan in March 2017.