Documents and Data

Partnership priorities and plans

Draft Strategy 2020-23

We completed a strategic assessment in December 2019 and consultation for our draft strategy ended on 21st February 2020.  The strategy was presented at the Tourism, Equalities, Communities & Culture committee in January 2020.  There has been a request to review the strategy and action plans in light of COVID-19 to advise on whether this has had any impact on plans.  The strategy is due to go to Full Council later this year. The draft strategy can be found here: draft Community Safety and Crime Reduction Strategy 2020-23

Community Safety and Crime Reduction Strategy 2017-20

Every three years the Partnership resets its community safety and crime reduction priorities and plans are reviewed each year. The Community Safety and Crime Reduction Strategy 2017-20 was last updated in April 2019 and describes our plans.

Our current strategy priority areas are:

  • Anti-social behaviour and hate incidents/crimes
  • Safety in the night-time economy
  • Domestic violence and abuse, sexual violence and abuse (including Violence against Women and Girls and partnership responses like the Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) and Domestic Homicide Reviews)
  • Community collaboration and resilience
  • Violence, vulnerability and exploitation
  • Preventing terrorism and extremism