16 Days of Action 2017

What's on in 2017?

Reclaim the Night 2017

On the 3rd November join FemRock as they take to the streets of Brighton and call for the end of street harassment and sexual assault. Raise your voices in unison to remind Brighton whose streets these are and find a space to vent the inevitable overwhelming rage felt at the injustices faced on a daily basis.

Meet at Brighton Station at 6pm for a march through town to challenge Rape Culture, followed by speeches at the Old Steine.

Bring placards, bring megaphones, bring your righteous anger, bring your friends.

All genders welcome. This is a sex-worker inclusive event, this is also an explicitly trans inclusive march. Given the chequered history of Reclaim the Night elsewhere in the country, FemRock consider this vital to state clearly, and to do all we can to challenge the worrying rise of so-called radical feminism (that seems in fact rooted in very conservative politics). When: Friday 25th November 2016, 6pm

Where: Brighton Railway Station

When: 3rd November, 6pm

Cost: Free

More information: click here


Celebrating 16 Days Champions Session

The next Champions Meeting will be held as part of 16 Days of Action and will focus on sculpting the Champions programme for 2017/18. It will also a networking opportunity where Champions can meet others in the Brighton & Hove network to explore what is going well, as well as what we could work on moving forward after a successful first year. The meeting will be held in Committee Room 1 at Brighton Town hall on Tuesday 28th November 2-4 pm. It may be a little early but mince pies will be provided.

Where: Brighton Town  Hall, Bartholomew Square

When: Tuesday 28th November  2pm-4pm

Cost: Free

For more information email luke.martin@brighton-hove.gov.uk


Project Advisory Group Meeting for Sex Workers’ Outreach Project (SWOP Sussex)

The first PAG meeting bringing together relevant representatives from across Brighton and Hove and Sussex (invitation only) to oversee and support the expansion of the Sex Workers Outreach Project across the wider Sussex area.

SWOP Sussex aims to increase the safety and wellbeing of women involved in sex work; improve outcomes for women involved in sex work in relation to recovery from sexual violence and abuse; and improve outcomes for women with complex needs who are involved in the sex industry.

Where: Brighton

When: 28th November 11:30am

Cost: Free

More information: email Jo.feaver@brightonoasisproject.co.uk


Changing the Culture: Survivors’ Network Open Space

Survivors’ Network Open Space events are a wonderful way to meet new people, have conversations about an important issue in our community, and get to know the services offered by Survivors' Network (the local Rape Crisis Centre).

After two successful previous Open Space events, this year's topic will be on 'Changing the Culture'. It's up to you where we go from there, and what cultural changes you want to talk about. Do you want to discuss the culture of the mainstream media when dealing with sexual violence? Perhaps the culture of education around consent is on your mind, or the rising presence of sexual violence in popular culture. Maybe you're interested in the overall culture of victim blaming that we see play out across various aspects of society, including in the courtroom?

Come along and bring your views and experiences to the table. This event is free and open to people of all genders and professions. You do not have to identify as a survivor to attend, but you do have to join us in creating as safe and creative a space as possible for discussion of challenging and potentially triggering subject matter.

Where: Friend’s Meeting House

When: 29th November, 10am – 4pm

Cost: Free (booking essential)

More information: click here


I Love Consent Because…

Open to young people aged 13-19

An event created by the Young People’s Centre to raise awareness of the importance of consent and healthy relationships, the session will be facilitated by the young women’s group at YPC.  Together we can stop rape by ensuring everyone knows when they have sexual consent – and when they do not. Sex without consent is rape. Rape happens to people of all genders and sexualities. About 92 percent of victims are female and eight percent male. Most rapes occur between people who know each other in some way.

 When: 30th November 2017, 4pm - 6pm

Where: Young People’s Centre, 69 Ship Street, Brighton.

Cost: Free

For more information click here


Our Encounters with Stalking Conference

OUR ENCOUNTERS WITH STALKING is an awareness-raising event that will commemorate the 5th Anniversary of the Stalking Law Reform with the launch of an internationally available publication written by survivors and professionals drawing on their experiences of stalking.

Part of the PCCS Books `Our Encounters With...' Series, this is a powerful testimony of the destructive, sometimes fatal, effects of stalking on its victims. With an introduction by the author Peter James, himself a victim of stalking, the book foregrounds the experiences of those who have been (and are still being) stalked. It offers a unique insight into the commonalities of experience and a platform where people who have, in many cases, been driven into silence and anonymity are able to write openly and angrily about their battles to stay sane and re-establish a life free from their persecutor. The book is in three main sections: Professional and third sector; the police and the courts; first-person accounts of the experience of being stalked, its impact on the victims and those around them. The book concludes with a summary of the main themes and conclusions, a reflection on some of the editorial conversations between the editors of the book, and a list of helpful resources and information.

Where: Hilton Metropole Hotel, Clarence Suite, Brighton

When: 30th November 6pm – 8pm

Cost: Free (Booking essential)

To register your interest in this event email events@veritas-justice.co.uk


Learning Together to Safeguard the City- Safeguarding Adults Conference

The conference is for staff and managers who support adults at risk of abuse or neglect. This includes Adult Social Care, Health, Police, Community Safety Partnership, Housing, not for profit and further relevant organisations.

The Conference features a mix of presentations and workshops designed to suit the wide range of people involved in safeguarding adults.

It is free of charge to attend. For more details and to book your place, please go to the learning gateway.

When: 1st December 9am- 4pm

Where: Brighthelm Centre, Brighton

Cost: Free (Booking essential)

For more information click here


Drum Out Abuse March

Based on the 18th Century practice of Rough Music where villagers would surround the house of a known abuser and bang pots and pans to shame them into chance, marchers made it clear that domestic abuse will not be tolerated in our communities.

10 years on domestic abuse is still prevalent in Brighton & Hove so RISE feel it is time to reprise the march and really make some noise.

Come one and all, bring your pots and pans, your drums, whistles and any noisemakers. Bring banners and bangers (not fireworks!) and join RISE on a short march from the Level to RISEFest at the North Laine Brewhouse on Gloucester Road.

Where: From The Level to RISEFest at the North Laine Brewhouse

When: 9th December 1:30pm

Cost: Free



Join RISE to celebrate 16 days of activism with RISEFest, a collection of performers and speakers lending their voices to deliver the message that Domestic Abuse & Violence is not OK and will not be tolerated. Suitable for all the family.


Live Music
Cake Sale hosted by Brighton Belles WI
Face painting and crafts
Special craft ale with proceeds to RISE.

Thanks to the local artists who have all donated their time to RISE.Where: North Laine Brewhouse, Gloucester Road, Brighton

When: 9th December 2:30pm-7pm

Cost: £5 suggested donation on the door (cash only)


Winter Tales with RISEUp Singing and friends

You are invited to  a warming wintery evening of story and song - from Japanese winter haikus to forgotten wassails, from ancient bard to modern wordsmith, and close harmony crooning to Nordic modal yodelling!

Attendees will be joined by nationally acclaimed percussionist Rosie Bergonzi and more special guests to be announced

Where: One Church, Gloucester Place, Brighton BN1 4AA

When: 12th December 7pm-10pm

Cost: Tickets are £7.50 in advance, or £10 on the door (cash).