LGBT Community Safety Forum

The LGBT Community Safety Forum is an independent forum working with the community to address and improve safety issues throughout Brighton & Hove.  The forum supports cultural, educational and social safety community activities and any type of LGBT community-building initiative.

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One Voice

Brighton & Hove Council facilitates One Voice meetings with community activists and representatives from Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities in the area. The One Voice programme is based on empowering communities by ensuring positive media messages on local BME communities, developing community resilience against extremism, ensuring joint working to support cohesion and integration and facilitating these communities to come together to celebrate shared values around promoting inclusion, pluralism and partnership working.

From One Voice meetings, participants stated that they required training in two key areas. These included understanding systems and processes around reporting in hate incidents and crimes and the second training was focussed on countering Islamophobia. Brighton & Hove responded by working with Faith Matters to provide training with over 30 people from diverse communities attending. The training was part of the work of the One Voice programme and the Racial Harassment Forum.


Racial Harassment Forum (RHF)

The Racial Harassment Forum (RHF) was a multi-agency partnership for many years.  The RHF has recently become an independent organisation led by a management committee elected from members of the city’s Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) and faith communities.  Its aim is to identify and address the community safety needs of the BME and faith communities within the Brighton and Hove area, in particular those related to hate crime and discrimination.  The RHF is currently developing its strategy and an action plan for the future.  It is being supported in this work by the Partnership Community Safety Team.

For further information about the Racial Harassment Forum please e-mail or call 07523 610999.