What are the benefits?

Communications are central to maintaining a safer business community - in addition to the BCRP website packed full of information and intelligence on offenders - all members of the BCRP are linked via the SafetyNet radio system to the police and police CCTV. A FREE radio handset is supplied as part of BCRP membership. 

Some of the successes of this SafetyNet radio communication system are:

  • Professional travelling teams of shoplifters arrested
  • Reductions in stock-losses due to early alert
  • Anti-social behaviour reduced in or near licensed premises 

Other benefits to being a member of the Business Crime Reduction Partnership are: 

  • Representation in court for ASBO applications banning offenders from the city 
  • Quarterly business crime reduction meetings 
  • Free licensing advice to all BCRP members 
  • Free crime reduction training in partnership with Sussex Police and the council
  • Tax benefit – BCRP membership fees – if wholly and exclusively for business purposes  
  • Unique data sharing agreement between BCRP members and Sussex Police


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