What if I don’t want to report an incident but need some support?

We provide support to people who have experienced hate incidents or crimes because of hostility based on their race, religions, and disability. Caseworkers will

  • Arrange to meet you at your home, if you wish
  • Provide a language or sign interpreter, if you need one
  • Listen to your needs and take your concerns seriously
  • Undertake an initial risk assessment within one working day
  • Offer you a single point of contact
  • Develop an action plan with you to resolve the complaint.  This could include 
    - Working with other agencies on the agreed actions to solve your complaint
    - Taking action against the person who is causing the incidents
  • Support you throughout the process and if you need to go to court
  • If you wish, work with your family members or carers, as appropriate
  • Ask for your feedback to improve our service
  • Aim for an outcome that is both realistic and agreeable to you
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