What is a racist incident?

A racist incident is any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim, witness or any other person.  It can also include racism by association e.g. mixed race partners or parents or presumed membership of a race or ethnic group - even if it is a mistaken presumption.  For example, identifying a person from any part of Asia as Pakistani and calling them racist names.

Direct racist incidents can include:

  • physical abuse – Spitting, punching, kicking, slapping, pushing or behaviour which leads to physical injury.
  • threats – Words of a threatening nature, for example “I’m going to beat you up” or “I’m going to get you and your family” etc.
  • verbal abuse – racist name calling, swearing, abusive telephone calls, etc.
  • sexual abuse – This can be abuse including degradation, rape, assault, etc.
  • written/printed abuse – Letters by post, leaflets or posters using racist language, abusive text messages, abusive messages on the facebook or other social media etc.
  • graffiti/racist language or images –  written/drawn onto property.
  • attacks on property/home – eggs/stones thrown at property, tyres slashed, windows broken etc.
  • harassment  –  persistent intimidating or threatening behaviour which is spread over a period of time.
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