What is a religiously motivated hate incident?

A religiously motivated hate incident is any incident which is perceived to be religiously motivated by the victim, witness or any other person.  It can also include mistaken identity: at times, offenders may mistakenly believe that you are a Muslim or Jewish and may abuse/harass you. It can also include hostility based on the victim having no religious belief or faith.

Direct religiously motivated incidents can include:

  • physical abuse – spitting, punching, kicking, slapping, pushing or behaviour which leads to physical injury
  • threats – words of a threatening nature, for example “I’m going to beat you up” or “I’m going to get you and your family” etc
  • verbal abuse – faith name calling, swearing, abusive telephone calls, etc
  • sexual abuse – this can be abuse including degradation, rape, assault, etc
  • written/printed abuse – letters by post, leaflets or posters using racist language, abusive text messages, abusive messages on the facebook or other social media etc
  • graffiti / religiously offensive language or images –  written/drawn onto property.
  • attacks on property/home – eggs/stones thrown at property, tyres slashed, windows broken etc
  • harassment  –  persistent intimidating or threatening behaviour which is spread over a period of time