What should I do if I’m threatened?

  • Make noise and shout for help and try and go to a safe place, as soon as possible
  • Report the incident immediately but in emergencies dial 999 to report to the police 
  • Report straight away to any other relevant authority, for instance, head teacher in a school, housing officer, youth worker, bus driver, your employer etc.
  • Use the self-reporting forms
  • Keep a record of all incidents as they happen, eg. times, dates, what happened, where, witnesses, etc.. Keep offensive material as it forms evidence in legal action, for instance, graffiti on a wall or a leaflet/note through your door. Do not touch it unless you have to, as police may want to test for fingerprints. Do not erase abusive text-messages or messages on your answer machine, as they are evidence. If you have been attacked, don’t shower or change your clothes as it may destroy evidence. If you have had your keys taken, change the locks.