Restorative Service Quality Mark (RSQM)

Tue, 23/04/2019 - 3:42pm -- Anonymous (not verified)

The Safer Communities Team has been awarded the Restorative Service Quality Mark (RSQM) by the Restorative Justice Council.

Restorative practice is a way of bringing people involved in conflict into direct or indirect communication to repair the harm caused by the conflict and to collectively find a way forward.  Restorative practice seeks to help people understand the impact of their behaviour and make amends for it.

Restorative practice is most commonly used within criminal and youth justice in the UK bringing together victims of crime with offenders.  The Safer Communities Team has looked at where restorative practice can be used outside of the criminal justice system, and now uses restorative practice to support people involved and impacted by neighbour disputes, anti-social behaviour and hate incident and bullying in schools. They also work with housing providers to help reduce the number of abandonments and evictions that happen if issues are not addressed. 

Peter Wileman, Safer Communities Manager, said: “It’s great news that we have achieved the RSQM. We have made significant progress in developing Brighton & Hove as a restorative city and it’s proved to be a really valuable way to resolve disputes.”

“The RSQM is a badge of quality that guarantees that a service is consistently offering safe and effective restorative practice in our city.”

“The staff have worked incredibly hard to achieve this award and I thank them for their efforts.”

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