Understanding and Challenging Right Wing Terrorism

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Understanding And Challenging Right Wing Terrorism - Training For Communities and Professionals From Across Partners

2 Hour Awareness Sessions For Community Members, Leaders, Teachers, Governors, Social Workers, Housing Officers, all Council Staff, Health Sector, Police, Probation and all Practitioners … including Parents, Foster Parents and Carers

The threat posed by the ‘Right Wing Terrorism’ and its serious impact have been evident in the UK and internationally.  Be it in the form of ‘Lone Actors’ such as Thomas Mair murdering Jo Cox MP, or Darren Osborne driving his car into worshippers outside Finsbury Park Mosque.  Internationally this threat and its serious consequences were evident in incidents at the Tree Of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Christchurch in New Zealand and El-Paso, Texas.

Twenty-four terrorist plots have been successfully disrupted by security and intelligence agencies in the UK since April 2017.  Eight of theese were extreme right-wing plots, half of which were disrupted in 2019.

In 2017-18, as part of the ‘Prevent Strategy’, 44% of the people supported by the ‘Channel’ Programme (multi-agency approach to safeguard people from being drawn into terrorism or supporting terrorism) nationally were referred for concerns related to right wing extremism.  45% of the people were supported for concerns related to Al-Qaida or Daesh affiliated/ inspired/ associated terrorism.

Following successful delivery of training in 2018 and 2019, we continue to offer further training sessions to raise awareness of Far Right Groups, their narratives, and techniques used to recruit people.  Community Members, Faith Leaders, Practitioners and Professionals will hear from people who were formerly involved with far right groups to understand the working and dangers of far right, identify and support individuals vulnerable to being drawn into far right activities, and counter far right ideology.

The same sessions will be delivered on different dates and venues to ensure that we reach a wide range of members and leaders from our diverse communities and partners from across the City.  You only need to attend one session.

The Training Will:

  • Explain what far-right extremism is
  • Outline the current landscape of the far-right in the UK
  • Show how someone gets drawn into far-right extremism
  • Highlights the recruitment process the far-right use
  • Explain what makes people vulnerable to the far-right
  • Show people how to spot signs of radicalisation in individuals
  • Explain counter narratives to far right arguments

Two hour free sessions will be delivered on:

In February 2020 - All sessions are at Council Chamber, Hove Town Hall, Norton Road, Hove, BN3 3BQ

Monday, 03/02/2020 10am – 12pm
Tuesday, 04/02/2020 9:30am – 11:30am
Monday, 10/02/2020 10am – 12pm
Tuesday, 11/02/2020 5pm - 7pm
Wednesday, 12/02/2020 10am – 12pm

Please book your place on the training by emailing: Channel.Prevent@brighton-hove.gov.uk Or calling 01273 291115

Counter Narrative Champions Training

2 x 2 hours sessions (February - March 2020)

In addition to the above mentioned one off two hour sessions, we have planned a cluster of two sessions to further develop skills and confidence of community members and practitioners to counter the far right narrative and champion this cause in the City.  Those of you who have attended Small Steps training in the past and all of you (Commuity Leaders, Statutory or third sector partners, Parents, Teachers ...) who would be happy to commit to attending all three sessions are encouraged to contact us: Channel.Prevent@brighton-hove.gov.uk Or call 01273 291115 / 290584 and we will confirm the training dates and arrangements with you.  


Who Are The Trainers And Small Steps.

All ‘Small Steps’ trainers are formers, the session will begin with a brief overview of the trainer’s story. We move on to outline the different far right strategies/groups operating, signs and symbols used. We will highlight any local information we find researching the area we are delivering training in and what training the far right participate in. Counter-Narrative Section Here we seek to empower people to counter the far right. We train the audience on how they can engage in difficult conversations, use counter narratives and help them reduce the appeal of far right extremism to people, both online and off.  

More About Small Steps and the Trainers:

Nigel Bromage is a former member of the National Front, British Movement and Combat 18.

Nigel now dedicates his life to countering extremism and hate. His first-hand experience of the social and psychological tools extremist groups and activists use to identify, befriend and recruit vulnerable people into extremism and of the significant challenges and risks facing those exiting those groups gave him unique experience which he used to found Small Steps Consultancy in 2015. Small Steps; raises awareness of extremism and provides a supportive exit-strategy for people wanting to leave extremist involvement; as well as training for local frontline professionals, teachers and community leaders to identify and intervene in cases where there may be a vulnerability to extremist ideology.

Resources: Small Steps have created a number of Social Media outlets that provide some useful resource.

Facebook – Small Steps Hub https://www.facebook.com/SmallStepsHub/

& Exit UK https://www.facebook.com/exituk/

Instagram – smallsteps.ltd https://www.instagram.com/smallsteps.ltd

Please find the Home Office Fact Sheet on Right Wing Terrorism here.