Safe in the City Champions

We're introducing a network of ‘Safe in the City Champions’ to bring together practitioners from a range of agencies. The champions will act as a point of contact and be 'in-house' specialists within their service.

The champions network will be supported by the Partnership Community Safety Team.

We're piloting Safe in the City Champions with two areas of work

Become a Safe in the City Champion

You'll have access to

  • Local and national resources, information and campaign material
  • A programme of training
  • Peer support through the network attendees and meetings
  • Ongoing support from the Partnership Community Safety Team

Champion responsibilities

  • Attend a half-day introductory training to prepare for the champion role and a minimum of two other training or network events per year
  • Be a point of contact for your organisation for information relating to restorative practice or domestic violence and abuse, sexual violence and VAWG
  • Act as a conduit for information between your team and the network as necessary
  • Ensure up-to-date and accessible information is available in relation to the relevant crime type in their team or agency (including displaying leaflets and posters)
  • Give and receive peer support from other champions
  • Provide feedback to the network in relation to training and development
  • Contribute to the review of the network, as well as the city strategy in relation to the relevant crime type, to assist in continuous improvement

Manager responsibilities

  • Be committed to enhancing the overall level of knowledge and awareness within their service in relation to the specific crime and conflict types
  • Promote the scheme to within their service and identify committed individuals to act as a champion for specific crime types
  • Support the champion to be a point of contact and disseminate information in their organisation
  • Ensure the champion has time for training and bi-annual network meetings
  • Work with the champion to implement and develop policies and procedures relevant to the specific crime type within their service
  • Participate in a review of champions and suggestions in how to improve the network
  • Contribute to any data collection as appropriate, working with the Community Safety Team to measure impact and outcomes

DVA, SV and VAWG Organisational Health Check

DVA, SV and VAWG Champions are encouraged to embed best practice within their organisations, to assist with this we have built a DVA, SV and VAWG Organisational Health Check which can be found below: