Case studies - restorative practice in action

Restorative practice is used across Brighton & Hove to repair the harm after crime and conflict occurs. It can also prevent future harm as it gives people the opportunity to reflect and make positive changes without the use of formal punishment. Here are just a few examples.

Our Restorative City  showcased some key achievements of our work to increase the use of restorative practices in Brighton & Hove for International Restorative Justice Week in November 2016.  The focus of the event was young people, education and inclusion.  This film includes presentations from the Office of Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner, the Restorative Justice Council, Brighton & Hove Restorative Justice Hub, Brighton & Hove Youth Offending Service, the Community Safety Team and Longhill High School.

Case studies

These case studies of restorative practice in action are from a range of settings and practitioners across Brighton & Hove.

Using restorative practice in complex youth work - A trained Restorative Practice practitioner is able to help a young person reconnect with her family and friends following an assault.

Using restorative practice after a hate incident in a primary school - Tim Read from the Community Safety Team finds out from a parent of twins how an impact statement helped her family recover from racist name calling.  Download a transcript to the video RP Primary School

Using restorative practice in school - Maria Dimitriou from the Behaviour and Attendance team describes their experience of facilitating a restorative meeting between two school children at risk of exclusion 

Using restorative practice with large groups in school - The Safe in the City casework team provide support to a school and parents when a large group of young people become affected by bullying

Using restorative practice in a case of shoplifting  - Sarah Morris from the Brighton & Hove Business Crime Reduction Partnership describes their experience of facilitating a restorative meeting between a young shoplifter and a security guard 

Using restorative practice after a violent assault- Facilitators from the Brighton & Hove Restorative Justice Hub reflect on the experience of meeting an offender in prison had on a victim of assault 

Using restorative practice in repairing relationships- Facilitators from the Brighton & Hove Independent Mediation Service reflect on their experience of two parents whose broken relationship was affecting their children's school experience

Using restorative practice after a theft in the workplace- Facilitators from Brighton & Hove Youth Offending Service reflect on their experience of using restorative practice when one of their clients stole from a colleague

Using noise level setting and restorative approaches to end a neighbour dispute – Trevor Powell from the Environmental Protection Team describes a case that he managed between two neighbouring households with conflicting lifestyles who were struggling to live next door to each other due to noise 

Using restorative practices to improve relationships in supported accommodation - Julie Desborough from Brighton YMCA shares her experience of supporting two residents repair their relationship and understand their own behaviour following some conflict that arose from a noise complaint

The successful use of restorative practice to repair harm in a supported accommodation project - Anti-social behaviour and crime significantly harmed a supported accommodation project.  The Manager of the project and the Community Safety Team (CSCT) worked collaboratively using restorative approaches to repair the harm


In 2016 The Sussex Restorative Justice Partnership was awarded the Restorative Services Quality Mark. This means that victims of crime in Brighton, Hove and wider Sussex who are considering the voluntary process of restorative justice can be reassured that they are receiving a nationally approved service delivered by highly qualified practitioners.  As part of the Restorative City project, Brighton & Hove Youth Offending Service is currently seeking the same accreditation.