Communities and Families Tackling Addiction (CAFTA)

Since 2005 Brighton & Hove City Council 's Community Safety Partnership has been working across the city to reduce the impact drugs and alcohol have on local neighbourhoods. Substance use and drug related crime can have a negative impact on the lives of young people, families and residents, affecting their health, social lives and emotional and financial well being.

The council was awarded over £205,000 from the European Regional Development Fund for the Communities and Families Tackling Addiction (CAFTA) project as part of a joint project in partnership with Calais and Rotterdam worth £1.7 million. The project was funded from November 2011 to September 2014.

The project was divided into three sections

  • Partnerships
  • Families and young people
  • Communities

Read the final update of the project and a magazine detailing the achievements, good practice and learning from the project at

In late 2013 a further £90,000 of new Interreg funding was allocated to the CAFTA project, which was used to deliver the Safer Neighbourhoods Approach (SNAP) project from October 2014 to March 2015. It included:

  • Staging an event in Antwerp for all partners, beneficiaries and stakeholders to promote our work and share experiences.
  • Producing a publication featuring the work undertaken by all the cluster partners as a guide to good practice in the field.
  • Piloting a project to reduce drug litter in the city.
  • Concentrating our efforts to sustain the work, activities and learning of the CAFTA project.

Both the CAFTA and SNAP projects have now been completed.