Men and Boys

The city is committed to working with men and boys who experience violence and abuse, including domestic violence and abuse, as well as rape and sexual violence. This work will take place within the context of an over arching Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) strategy and will include identifying how to provide help and support, proportionate to need.

Why is work with Men and Boys included within a VAWG Strategy?

A gendered analysis helps us understand what these crime types mean for men and boys, including why the majority of those who perpetrate violence and abuse are men, how the experience of being a male victim/survivor or witness can be different, as well as the best ways to provide help and support.

How will the city work with Men and Boys?

Many actions taken as part of the response to VAWG crime types will be applicable to men and boys because policies and procedures should provide protection and redress to all victim/survivors. However, where appropriate, specific actions will also be taken, proportionally to need, to:

  • Challenge the behaviour of men who use violence and abuse
  • Support men where they experience violence and abuse
  • Support boys who witness or experience violence or abuse
  • Work with men as allies in challenging violence & abuse and helping to change the attitudes and actions of their peers.

For help and support

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Further information

For further information contact James Rowlands, the Strategic Commissioner:


Telephone: 01273 291032